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Build or Refurbish your home
with Peace of Mind

Maine's #1 Independent
Residential Construction Project Manager

Nothing is as close to home as ... your home.

Building or refurbishing it is stressful: Complying with laws and regulations, keeping an eye on the builders, unexpected cost cropping up out of nowhere.

We take care of all the stress.

So that you can focus on your life until your home is ready to move in.

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Why Hire an Independent Project Manager for your Home Construction Project? 

"Isn't that the job of the Construction Company?"

We save you time

The average home building project takes 300-500 hours of admin work.

Contracts, legal forms, permits, approving drafts, solving problems, overseeing workers, dealing with issues, etc. 

Live your life. Leave all that work to us.

We represent your interest

Construction firms are great. We love them. But their interests don't align 100% with yours. 

Cutting corners is always a temptation - especially with inexperienced, first-time home builders. 

We are 100% in your corner and keep an eye on all contractors and subcontractors. 


We see through the BS

"We have a problem with the heating. We'll need to rip out the floor and start over."

Gulp. Another $30k added to the bill.

But is it REALLY necessary? Is there no workaround that would do the job?

In 30+ years of construction project management, we've seen it all. And we'll know when additional costs are truly unavoidable... or just plain BS.

Hello, I'm Michele M. Barnes

I have been working in Construction Project Management all my professional life.

I have helped launch hundreds of retail stores for Sephora, Lululemon, and many other brands.

And I have helped build and refurbish several family homes.

After decades of traveling the world, it's time to stay closer to home - Maine.

I'd love to help you (re)build your dream home in our beautiful state.

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Our Clients Say

Rountree Reno Cover.png

This 1400 sqm home was in dire need of repairs. 

The owner, Jane, didn't want to...

Key accomplishments: 


  • Finished on time and under budget

  • Added XYZ

  • Only required 10 hours of Jane's time

"Thank you so much Michele for this outstanding piece of work."


Partners We Work With


Estate Agents and Attorneys love recommending our services as a value-add to their homebuilding clients. 

If this is you, we would love to meet you and find out how we can support you and your clients.

Get In Touch

Let's explore if we should be working together!

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