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#1 Independent Commercial 

Construction Project Manager 

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Experience a seamless 
journey for your
construction project.

Constructing or renovating a retail or commercial space can be overwhelming: Navigating complex regulations, managing contractors, and unforeseen expenses can create stress and distractions from what you do best, serving clients.

We take care of all the stress.

So that you can focus on your business.

Why Hire an Independent Project Manager
for your Construction Project? 

"Isn't that the job of the Construction Company?"

We save you

time and money

We coordinate schedules, manage resources, ensure tasks are completed on time and within budget.

Our expertise ensures a smooth workflow, minimizing delays and maximizing efficiency throughout the construction process. 

We monitor expenses, analyze costs, and implement cost-saving measures to maintain financial control of the project.

We reduce stress and lower project risk

Construction projects inherently involve risks and uncertainties.


We excel at identifying and mitigating risks. We develop robust risk management plans, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and minimizing potential delays or legal issues.


This creates a smoother construction process and instills confidence in all stakeholders.


We see through the BS

"We have a problem with the lighting. We'll need to rip out the fixtures and start over."

Gulp. Another $30k added to the bill.

But is it REALLY necessary? Is there no alternative that would do the job?

In 30+ years of construction project management, we've seen it all. And we'll know when additional costs are truly unavoidable... or just plain BS.



Our Clients Say

sara amorosino.jpeg

"Michele's work as our external construction manager at Sephora was exceptional. She consistently demonstrated efficiency, industry knowledge, and outstanding organization. Managing 20-30 projects, including store remodels and new locations, Michele navigated tight budgets and timelines with ease.


She tackled challenges in retail conversion spaces and landmarked buildings, always adaptable and proactive. Michele's decision-making prioritized all stakeholders, and her contributions continue to benefit my subsequent teams.


Collaborating with her was a pleasure, and I highly recommend Michele for any construction execution team."

Sara Amorosino

former Director of Field Execution


Partners We Work With


General Contractors and Architects love working with us. They recommend our services as a value-add to their retail and commercial projects because of our:

  • streamlined execution

  • cost control expertise

  • proactive risk management

If this is you, we would love to meet you and find out how we can support you and your clients.

Leadership Team

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Let's explore if we should be working together!

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