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Case Studies

KRCrossing's Solutions


  • Provided expert subject matter guidance during the development and execution of the process, to guarantee the required level of autonomy.


  • Conducted one on one needs assessment sessions with key stakeholders to gain an understanding of the tasks, activities, objectives of each individual and department.  


  • Generated cross functional critical dates calendar inclusive of actions, owners, timelines, relevant KPI’s, applicable process with documented policies, and corresponding financial documents aimed at goals and objectives.



  • Present 1stdraft CDC, communicating findings and recommendations in chronological order, individually and in total to ensure an accurate representation of tasks, owners, suggested timelines, and supporting documents.


  • Update critical dates calendar as necessary, finalize process and financial documents, and document accordingly.


  • Present final CDC, inclusive of supporting documents, owner kick off and maintenance expectations, stakeholder responsibilities, and anticipated ROI with process compliance


  • Serve as a resource to provide support, encouragement, guidance, and direction to ensure the Choice Brands Group successfully achieves its goals.  

doing work together

Global Expansion

A Story of Success

Global Expansion

A Story of Success


Maximize Outcomes Of Consumer Products Shows On Many Key Levels:


  • Define the Choice Brand Groups short and long term goals and objectives

  • Maximize sales and market share, generating unprecedented revenue and profit. 

  • Complete a robust assessment, collaborating with key stakeholders to clarify roles, responsibilities, expectations, and capabilities

  • Outline a process that will allow the cllient to improve productivity, capitalize on show footprint, maximize sell through, satisfy vendor expectations, to drive revenue and profitability

  • Execute and monitor, collaborating closely with the accountable party to ensure the understanding and achievement of agreed to deliverables

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